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Suggestion Madhusudan Mishra
Laws are meant to be violated Gururaj B N
interpretation of statutes Navin Khandelwal
parota or paratha or bread or roti Navin Khandelwal
tds in case of franchisee Navin Khandelwal
tdr Navin Khandelwal
the two doctrines Navin Khandelwal
hello Shikher Singh
Adjudication in GST has become a farce Chakravarthi Bommakanti
Extension of date rajkumar shukla
wrong application of doctrine of ejusdum jeneous PricewaterHouse Coopers
Gangajal Chakravarthi Bommakanti
CAG its real role Navin Khandelwal
Not only months and days, but minutes and seconds also counts Shvetal Parikh
discipline a joke for the officers Navin Khandelwal
Judicial Indiscipline - A bugbear to fair Adjudication Chakravarthi Bommakanti
corporate guaranree Navin Khandelwal
Mandatory or Directory Gururaj B N
shall may will ever say must Navin Khandelwal
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