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This article will introduce a medical or home care product to yo, which are disposable underpads. As you know, these disposable medical underpads are high quality and affordable to everyone. Care-De is a professional Medical Underpads Manufacturer in China. If you are the distributors or retailers and want to buy them in bulk, contact us now to get the best wholesale price. Email: sales@czcarede.com

Disposable Underpads For Nursing Homes

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for medical or home care products, and the Disposable Underpads are one of them. At present, this kind of bed pads widely used by hospitals or families for postoperative patients or patients with urinary incontinence generally consist of disposable bed sheets and cotton batting.

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The Disposable Underpads For Incontinence have the backing of PE Film to prevent leakage. Because the above-mentioned traditional products are not disposable products, they bring high requirements for cleaning and disinfection, otherwise, cross-infection may be caused and the consequences will be endless. Even if the hospital has the ability to solve the safety and health problems of the sheets, the traces left on the reused sheets will cause most patients to feel bad, even fear. In addition, after adding a leather pad, the breathability is poor, and it will also make the patient feel uncomfortable. But PE film can solve all problems. In short, it is true that the safety problem is not eradicated for patients, and it is always reassuring. Therefore, how to ensure that the disposable bed pads are hygienic, breathable, and prevented from penetrating is the subject of discussion in the present utility model.

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In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical solution adopted by the present utility model is the Disposable Underpads For Nursing Homes, which is composed of a non-woven fabric layer, a fluff layer, a tissue layer, and a waterproof PE layer, which are sequentially superimposed. The fluff(SAP) layer is connected by stitching to form a whole piece, and the outer side of the batt layer of the whole piece is adhesively connected with the waterproof layer.


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In the above technical solution, the non-woven fabric layer is in direct contact with the human body and is composed of fabric. The fluff(SAP) and tissue have high absorption. The fleece layer is a soft layer composed of a fleece fiber-like material, and cotton fleece, chemical fiber cotton, etc. can be used, and spray cotton has the best effect.This is why Disposable Underpads For Adults get more and more functional. They help the patients with incontinence can live well.

The layer has two functions. The first is to play a role in supporting the fixed fluff layer; the second is to play a role in connecting the waterproof layer. The baffle layer can be made of cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric, etc. In view of reducing costs, it is generally appropriate to use non-woven fabric. The waterproof layer is actually a leak-proof layer. It is a PE film. Generally, the waterproof layer cannot be sutured, because the pinholes at the sutures of the suture needles are prone to leakage. Therefore, the waterproof layer and the support layer must be connected by an adhesive. These factors are considered by Disposable Underpads Supplier or Manufacturer.

In the above technical solution, a variety of schemes may be adopted for the layout of the stitching line after the Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric layer, the tissue layer, and the fluff layer are superimposed. Generally, the relatively simple suture line is a parallel straight line, it can also be a mesh structure, and it can also be a wavy line structure. You see, the disposable bed pads' construct is really complicated. Now, you can wholesale disposable underpads from Care-De at a lower price. Buy now!