INCOME TAX PACKAGE (popularly known as 'TIOL') is an internationally known Indian trade and taxation portal. Over the years its contribution to the Indian economy as an efficient and authentic technical news and service provider has richly been acknowledged not only by the domestic industries and multi-national companies but also by the Government of India, the Judiciary, the Indian Parliament and International Bodies like WCO.

TIOL's INCOME TAX Package covers judicial pronouncements, analysis of case laws, news, views and insightful analyses of legislative changes, in the areas of Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Key fiscal and monetary policies and public administration-related developments.

For issues related to cross-border transactions (International Taxation and Transfer Pricing in Income Tax), TIOL has created a dedicated and independent portal ( which has a rich and comprehensive online library of cases relating to DTAA, Transfer Pricing, NRI, Income Tax Act etc and other useful legislations and expert committees' reports.


a) Every paid subscriber is entitled to get one set of USERNAME & PASSWORD per subscription. The subscription also allows the subscriber certain Number of ACCESSES (as per the customised package) to be utilised within a maximum period of ONE YEAR. If one purchases two or more packages, the entitlement for two or more independent USERNAMES / PASSWORDS are automatically created unless the subscriber chooses to forfeit this option and chooses to double the Access against just one USERNAME / PASSWORD.

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c) Our Mail Update is a comprehensive compilation of case laws, policy changes, notifications, circulars, researched articles, Daily Dose of Taxation piece, Mix Buzz etc. that have been reported in the day. In case important policy changes or announcements are made, more mail updates would be sent on that day. Weekends will have a single update sent on Sunday. Our Newsletter is delivered SIX days in a week.

d) Mail Archive + GST Newsletters : TIOL has created a dedicated LINK for MAIL ARCHIVE which may be accessed by logging in to access missed Newsletter.


1) Supreme Court, High Courts' Rulings with Headnotes & also simplified analyses on Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Sales tax / VAT (Only SC), Limitation Act & Constitution Bench Orders

2) ITATs' latest case laws with headnotes & their analyses - full text of all the case laws & their easy-to-understand analyses

3) Regular Columns like 'Guest' + 'ST se GST tak' + The Ice Cubes + The Cob(Web) provide well-researched inputs on technical issues

4) Notifications, Instructions & Circulars of CBDT

5) Latest legislative changes effected by the Union Government

6) Researched articles by tax experts, eminent persons and professionals from Industry

7) Reports of various expert committees set up by Union Government Ministries

8) Entire documents of Union Budget and revision in various other economic laws and policies

9) Latest news & analyses of newsy events in the Deptt of Revenue and the corporate world

10) Regular Columns like Guest + Jest GST + The Policy Lab + The Ice Cubes + TIOL Edit + The Cob(Web) provide well-researched inputs on technical issues

11) TAXMAN PITARA - THOUGH it is a customised service largely aimed at servicing the multifarious needs of the officials cutting across all the services but it is equally useful and interesting for non-officials as well. In this package one gets to know about All India transfers and promotions of tax officials of all ranks; insightful 'inside' details about the decision-making in the bureaucracy; their deputation posts; foreign training circulars and many other details. In other words, whatever an official needs to further the cause of his career, he will get such information + many more.

12) TIOL Library on Domestic Taxation: It contains CBDT Instructions since 1970; CBDT Circulars from 1961 till Date and also relevant Circulars from 1939 to 1958; Notifications since 1962; All SC Cases; Landmark HC cases of yesteryears and All HC cases since 2000; Huge number of ITAT decisions; Researched Articles on direct tax contentious issues by noted authors; Commentaries on topical issues; Service cases laws; News relating to Service matters and a dedicated Section called "Taxman Pitara' which contains every relevant Rules like IRS Recruitment Rules, Medical Rules etc and notifications issued by DoP&T, Ministry of Home, ACC, CBDT etc besides latest Transfer and Promotion orders.

13) Daily Mail Updates: We tailor a very comprehensive and user-friendly NEWSLETTER on a daily basis. Depending on the developments during the DAY its number can be TWO or even THREE like on the Budget Day. These Newsletters are emailed to the mail-box of all the paid USERS of TIOL. Our newsletters are very popular for its 360 degree coverage and it provides the gist of cases carried during the day besides policy announcements and comments on them. This is also OPTIONAL. If a licence-holder (Subscriber) does not want to avail it one can do so.

14) Search Facility: TIOL provides TWO options - Quick Search & Advanced Search. Both the Search Options are available for CASE LAWS + Notifications/Circulars/Instructions + All Regular Columns + News.

15) Quick Search: This provides the facility of searching any case law by NAME of the Assessee; Sections; Parallel Citations like ITR, CTR, Taxmann (about 20 publications), TIOL Citation, Keywords & In Favour of etc.

16) Advanced Search: It provides the option of putting as many parameters as a user may like to put in various columns to zero in on precise case law (as many as 10) and then N-number of REFINE search Options.

17) Case Tracker: It is a special feature which provides the LINK of cases decided by ITAT, HC & SC in the case of the same assessee. This completes the cycle of a case appealed against and gives a holistic picture of the issues decided by the various appellate / writ courts.

18) Parallel Citations: This is to help a user to search our Library with any popular Citation available with him. One simply needs to put Volume and the Page number and the same case will appear on the Screen with TIOL Citation.

19) In Favour of: This is a specially designed feature which helps a user in sorting the large number of cases on a particular issue. When one searches for Section 32 or 37 related cases there would be thousands of court decisions. So, if an officer opts for IN FAVOUR OF Revenue cases, the number of Searched cases will automatically come down and then the same can be further REFINED as per the needs of the user.

20) Colour Indicator: TIOL has specially architectured feature where we have allotted Special Colour for cases decided in favour of Revenue/Assessee/ Partly Decided & Remanded. For instance, Red is the Colour which appears against the Assessee's name in the Search Results and it indicates that the case has been decided in favour of REVENUE; Green is for assessee and Blue is for Remanded. This way, without reading the entire HEADNOTE or opening the full text of the case one may come to know that the following cases are in favour of REVENUE. This is a time-saving and quick result giving feature.


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