Taxindiaonline has been a name synonymous to 'Quality'; quality of highest standards when it comes to the kind of content and service it provides to its netizens and patrons.

Along with maintaining the highest standards of quality, taxindiaonline has also seen the quantity of content taking mammoth proportions which includes thousands of case laws, government notifications, circulars, public notices, departmental orders and of course a huge number of news articles and analytical stories. And, Taxindiaonline being a 24x7 media undergoes updations every minute and every hour to add to the already huge ocean of content. offers two very robust search engines to hunt for any specific document one may be looking for from the colossal amount of content. Here's the info about them and how to use them to.

GOOGLE SEARCH - Google Search is the famous Google-powered Web Search Technology. It facilitates search within as well as a www search. There are two option buttons to do a www or a taxindiaonline search. It searches taxindiaonline first with 'Search TIOL' button chosen as default.

Google search is handy to search the free sections of taxindiaonline. For the paid areas and breaking news we have a special custom made search called 'TIOL SEARCH'.


TIOL SEARCH - TIOL Search is a custom made search engine specifically designed to search the paid areas on the site alongwith the breaking news + other news items published. So if you're looking for any specific case law, notification, circular, public notice or a news article published on TIOL, this is the search engine for you.

TIOL Search has the great feature of doing a SEARCH WITHIN THE RESULTS FOUND. You can search for a keyword in a particular category and can refine your search further by doing another search within the results found and that too under various sub-categories and the category searched. It has all been explained below in details.

TIOL Search works on a database which is fed with all the potential search entries any taxindiaonline user would look for. There is a dedicated team for making all those entires to make the search ever so precise and powerful.





1) Look for precise keywords rather than vague ones to narrow down your search.

2) 'Search category' are in line with the 'paid package' so you can search the section you have subscribed for.

3) 'Seach category' is also to enable a search within a certain section of site.

4) To further refine your search you can choose 'sub-category' downdown to get the most appropriate match to your search keyword.

5) Every refine search gets new results out of the results found in the previous search but only when the keyword is changed i.e new keyword searched. If the keyword is kept the same and a different sub-category is choosed the results are fetched from the first set of results fo that keyword. (explained below in the demo search steps below)


STEP 1. The first step to initate a search is by using TIOL SEARCH BOX on the extreme right column of any page on Taxindiaonline. Enter the keyword you are looking for, comma seperated keywords for multiple keyword search. Chose a category if you want to search within any sepcific category. By default the Entire Site is already chosen to do a entire site search. Click the Go button to initialize your search.

In the demo search we have chosen Legal Corner Category for searching valuation keyword.

STEP 2. After a few seconds you will get your first search result page with a new search box titled 'Search Within the Results Found' as shown below. The first search (STEP 1) might take a few extra seconds as TIOL search database gets initialized with each new search.

On each page there are 20 results with header and the name of category for each result. Now if we are looking for results from Legal section as we are in lookout of caselaws lets choose Legal Corner category.

STEP 3. The results that are displayed now are from the Legal Corner Category. You can now choose a sub-category if you think the result you are looking for might fall under that. For instance choose SC Case Laws.

STEP 4. The results that are displayed now are from the Legal Corner Category and from SC Case Laws Sub-Category. You can see the reducing number of total search pages. Now if you want to see the results for the same kayword 'valutaion' but under HC Case Laws you can choose HC Case Laws from the Sub-Category drop down. The search engine now searches for valuation keyword not from the current search results but from the previous set of results as it recognises that the keyword is unchanged and the user is looking for the same keyword but in some other sub-category.

STEP 4. The results below are now fetched from Legal Corner under HC Case Laws. You can now refine you searh for keyword export for all the search results you have now.

STEP 4. You can see below that you have got results from export under HC Case Laws sub-category of Legal Corner.

STEP 4. You can keep refining your search for various keywords to narrow down your search and to get the most appropriate match.