Focus Groups

Focus Group
Monitoring Group
a) Human Resource Developments - People
√1 Review the existing organizational structure including, (a) Structure, functional responsibility and accountability of the Board and its Directorates; (b) Field formation with special reference to deployment of workforce commensurate with functional requirements.

√Mr. M R Diwakar

√Mr. R R Singh, ex I-T

√Mr. Sunil Chopra, ex I-T

√Mr. Gautam Ray, ex-CE

√Mr. BB Agarwal, CE

√Mr. Navneet Manohar, I-T

√Mr. Rajesh Pandey, CE

Mr. M. K. Zutshi

Mr. SSN Moorthy

Mr. Y. G. Parande

Mrs. Sunita Kaila


Recommend measures for human resource management including,

a) capacity building and deployment;

b) responsibility, accountability, vigilance administration, and actions taken and needed.

√Mr. S. Mahalingam

√Mr. Sanjay Puri, I-T

√Mr. B K Jha, I-T

√Mr. BB Gupta, CE

√3 Methodology for setting up and monitoring key performance indicators; assessment of staff and officers; grading and promotion systems; and structures to promote quality decision-making at high policy levels.

√Mr. S. Mahalingam

√Mr. Satya Poddar, E&Y

√Mr. VS Krishnan, CE

√Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary, I-T

√Mr. Pankaj Jindal, I-T

b) Use of Information Technology for tax governance
√1 Review the existing use of technology in tax administration and recommend measures for greater use of information technology (IT) for: bettergovernance and for more efficient, effective and transparent tax administration. The group shall also give recommendations for sustainable IT implementation and governance.

√Mr. S. Mahalingam

√Mr. T. Koshy, E&Y

√Mr. Ravi Agarwal, I-T

√Ms. Kajal Singh, CE

√Mr. Mukul Swarup, BMR

Mr. Y. G. Parande

Mr. S. Mahalingam

*2 Review the existing system of data utilisation through data mining techniques, and carrying out analytics for various usages such as taxpayer service, revenue augmentation, etc, and also suggest measures to augment capacity in intelligence and investigation by collection and collation of data on real time basis including 360 degree profiling of HNWI and other hard-to-tax sectors/taxpayers

√Mr. Satya Srinivas, CE

√Mr. R R Singh, ex I-T

c) Improving Service Delivery
√1 Review existing mechanisms and recommend measures for improved taxpayer services and taxpayer education programme including mechanism for time bound delivery of services and grievance redressal.

Mr. S. Madhavan, ex-PwC

√Ms. Neeta Bhutalia, CE

√Mr. Himanshu Gupta, CE

√Mr. RK Bajaj, ex I-T

Mr. Navneet Manohar, I-T

Mrs. Sunita Kaila

Mr. M R Diwakar

d) Improving Internal process
√1 Strengthening the mechanism of dispute resolution so as to provide certainty, reduce litigation as well as reduce the time involved for resolution of tax dispute and compliance cost.

√Ms. Bhavana Doshi, KPMG

√Mr. Mukesh Bhutani, BMR

√Mr. Rajneesh Kumar, I-T

√Mr. Shravan Gotru, I-T

√Mr. Sunil Sinha, CE

Mrs. Sunita Kaila

Mr. Y. G. Parande

Mr. M R Diwakar

√2 Recommend measures for streamlining the assessment process including mechanism for providing inputs to assessing officers such as continuous industry wise analysis and benchmarking, and circulars for guidance.

√Mr. Himanshu S Sinha, Deloitte

√Dr. Nagendra Kumar, CE

√Ms. V Usha, CE

√Mr. Bipin Sapra, E&Y

√Mr. K R Sekar, Deloitte

Shri Sanjay Kumar, Secretary, TARC shall be the member of each Focus Group.

Note: I-T: Income Tax Department

CE: Custom & Central Excise Department