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GST Compensation - Centre borrows Rs 6K Crore for 16 StatesFATF decides to keep Pakistan in grey listNTPC allowed to use drones for research and inspection of Power ProjectsIndia crosses landmark of 10 crore COVID-19 testsCBIC notifies Customs Authority for Advance Rulings in Delhi and MumbaiCus - Whether benefit u/s 28(2) is available - It is certainly not appropriate for the Bench to go into disputed questions of facts in writ proceedings: HCCus - Seeking directions to order for re-export - Since proceedings are on-going for assessment, it would not be appropriate to consider or grant the mandamus as sought: HCCus - Interpretation, by Revenue, of phrase 'in existence' in s.149 to mean that only if documents relied upon by petitioner seeking amendment were, in fact, 'on record' that such amendment could even be considered is disagreed with: HCCus - Seizure of areca nut - 'Reasons to believe' must be based upon acceptable materials, which have to be more than a moonshine: HCCus - Betel Nuts - Reasons given for seizure fail the test of 'Wednesbury principles' as no reasonable person can reach a conclusion about country of origin upon examination by naked eye: HCCBDT posts Sukhad Chaturvedi, IRS & Bhanu Pratap Singh, IRS as OSDs in FT&TR Division (See '')CBDT diverts DC-level post from Hyderabad to Bengaluru APA (See '')CBDT issues details Instructions for filing ITRs for AY 2020-21Income tax raids 15 places in Srinagar and DelhiIRS officer Amit Gupta goes to Uttarakhand Govt as Advisor, SGSTLate fees u/s 234E cannot be levied when processing TDS statements for a period when enabling provisions were not in effect: ITATPenalty order issued u/s 271(1)(c) merits being quashed where it does not specify as to which sub-section has been invoked to initiate such proceedings: ITATTo boost shipbuilding in India, Govt amends Right of First Refusal licensing conditionsAdditions framed by AO are unsustainable where based on apprehension of assessee having unauthorisedly claimed deduction u/s 36(1)(vi) twice: ITATCBDT notifies minor amendments in sub-rule (2) of Rule 67Cus - Penalty imposed on employee of CHA for alleged abetment of mis-declaration of imported goods, is unsustainable where such person was acting on orders & no collusion or abetment is established: CESTATBrazil revokes permission to Chinese vaccine trialG-20 Anti-Corruption Working Group - MoS reiterates India's zero telerance policyST - Mere reference to a paragraph in the SCN does not constitute a proper adjudication that devolves upon the original authority: CESTATJoe Biden promises Commission to recommend changes to Supreme CourtBihar Polls - BJP manifesto promises 19 lakh jobs + free-vaccination for COVID-19 + lentils under MSPTax Returns & Politicians - They necessarily make quaint & strange bedfellows!
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Constituent Assembly Debates (Proceedings) (9th December,1946 to 24th January ,1950)

Volume I (9th December to 23rd December 1946)

Monday, 9th December, 1946

Tuesday, 10th December, 1946

Wednesday, 11th December, 1946

Thursday, 12th December, 1946

Friday, 13th December, 1946

Monday, 16th December, 1946

Tuesday, 17th December, 1946

Wednesday, 18th December, 1946

Thursday, 19th December, 1946

Saturday, 21st December, 1946

Monday, 23rd December, 1946

Volume II (20th January to 25th January 1947)

Monday, 20th January, 1947

Tuesday, 21th January, 1947

Wednesday, 22th January, 1947

Friday, 24th January, 1947

Saturday, 25th January, 1947

Volume III (28th April to 2nd May 1947)

Monday, 28th April, 1947

Tuesday, 29th April 1947

Wednesday, 30th April 1947

Thursday, 1st May 1947

Friday, 2nd May 1947

Volume IV (14 July to 31st July 1947)

Monday, 14th July 1947

Tuesday, 15th July 1947_PART 1

Tuesday, 15th July 1947_PART 2

Wednesday, 16th July 1947

Thursday, 17th July 1947

Friday, 18th July 1947

Monday, 21st July 1947_PART 1

Monday, 21st July 1947_PART 2

Tuesday, 22nd July 1947

Wednesday, 23rd July 1947

Thursday, 24th July 1947

Friday, 25th July 1947

Monday, 28th July 1947

Tuesday, 29th July 1947

Wednesday, 30th July 1947

Thursday, 31st July 1947

Volume V (14th August to 30th August 1947)

Thursday, 14th August 1947

Friday, 15th August 1947

Wednesday, 20th August 1947_PART 1

Wednesday, 20th August 1947_PART 2_

Thursday, 21st August 1947)

Friday, 22nd August 1947

Monday, 25th August 1947

Tuesday, 26th August 1947

Wednesday, 27th August 1947_PART 1

Wednesday, 27th August 1947_PART 2

Thursday, 28th August 1947_PART 1

Thursday, 28th August 1947_PART 2

Friday, 29th August 1947_PART 1

Friday, 29th August 1947_PART 2

Saturday, 30th August 1947_PART 1

Saturday, 30th August 1947_PART 2

Volume VI (27th January 1948)

Tuesday, 27th January 1948

Volume VII (4th November 1948 to 8th January 1949)

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 1

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 2

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 3

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 4

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 5

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 6

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 7

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 8

Thursday, 4th November, 1948_PART 9

Friday, 5th November, 1948_PART 1

Friday, 5th November, 1948_PART 2

Saturday, 6th November, 1948_PART 1

Saturday, 6th November, 1948_PART 2

Monday, 8th November, 1948_PART 1

Monday, 8th November, 1948_PART 2

Tuesday, 9th November, 1948_PART 1

Tuesday, 9th November, 1948_PART 2

Monday, 15th November, 1948

Wednesday, 17th November, 1948

Thursday, 18th November, 1948

Friday, 19th November, 1948

Monday, 22nd November, 1948

Tuesday, 23rd November, 1948

Wednesday, 24th November, 1948

Thursday, 25th November, 1948

Friday, 26th November, 1948

Monday, 29th November, 1948

Tuesday, 30th November, 1948_PART 1

Tuesday, 30th November, 1948_PART 2

Wednesday, 1st December, 1948_PART 1

Wednesday, 1st December, 1948_PART 2

Thursday, 2nd December, 1948_PART 1

Thursday, 2nd December, 1948_PART 2

Friday, 3rd December, 1948

Monday, 6th December, 1948_PART 1

Monday, 6th December, 1948_PART 2

Tuesday, 7th December, 1948_PART 1

Tuesday, 7th December, 1948_PART 2

Wednesday, 8th December, 1948

Thursday, 9th December, 1948

Friday, 10th December, 1948

Monday, 13th December, 1948_PART 1

Monday, 13th December, 1948_PART 2

Monday, 27th December, 1948_PART 1

Monday, 27th December, 1948_PART 2

Tuesday, 28th December, 1948

Wednesday, 29th December, 1948

Thursday, 30th December, 1948_PART 1

Thursday, 30th December, 1948_PART 2

Friday, 31st December, 1948

Monday, 3rd January, 1949_PART 1

Monday, 3rd January, 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 4th January, 1949

Wednesday, 5th January, 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 5th January, 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 6th January, 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 6th January, 1949_PART 2

Friday, 7th January, 1949

Saturday, 8th January, 1949_PART 1

Saturday, 8th January, 1949_PART 2

Volume-VIII (16th May to 16th June 1949)

Monday, 16th May, 1949

Tuesday 17th May, 1949_PART 1

Tuesday 17th May, 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 18th May, 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 18th May, 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 19th May, 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 19th May, 1949_PART 2

Friday, 20th May, 1949_PART 1

Friday, 20th May, 1949_PART 2

Monday, 23rd May, 1949

Tuesday, 24th May, 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 24th May, 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 25th May, 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 25th May, 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 26th May, 1949_PART 2

Friday, 27th May, 1949_PART 1

Friday, 27th May, 1949_PART 2

Monday, 30th May, 1949_PART 1

Monday, 30th May, 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 31st May, 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 31st May, 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 1st June, 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 1st June, 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 2nd June, 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 2nd June, 1949_PART 2

Friday, 3rd June, 1949_PART 1

Friday, 3rd June, 1949_PART 2

Monday, 6th June, 1949_PART 1

Monday, 6th June, 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 7th June, 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 7th June, 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 8th June,1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 8th June,1949_PART 2

Friday, 10th June, 1949_PART 1

Friday, 10th June, 1949_PART 2

Monday, 13th June, 1949_PART 1

Monday, 13th June, 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 14th June, 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 14th June, 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 15th June,1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 15th June,1949_PART 2

Thursday, 16th June,1949_PART 1

Thursday, 16th June,1949_PART 2

Volume IX (30th July to 18th September 1949)

Saturday, 30th July 1949_PART 1

Saturday, 30th July 1949_PART 2

Monday,1st August 1949

Tuesday, 2nd August 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 2nd August 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 3rd August 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 3rd August 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 4th August 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 4th August 1949_PART 2

Friday, 5th August 1949_PART 1

Friday, 5th August 1949_PART 2

Monday, 8th August 1949_PART 1

Monday, 8th August 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 9th August 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 9th August 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 10th August 1949 PART 1

Wednesday, 10th August 1949 PART 2

Thursday, 11th August 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 11th August 1949_PART 2

Friday, 12th August 1949_PART 1

Friday, 12th August 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 18th August 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 18th August 1949_PART 2

Friday, 19th August 1949_PART 1

Friday, 19th August 1949_PART 2

Saturday, 20th August 1949_PART 1

Saturday, 20th August 1949_PART 2

Monday, 22nd August 1949_PART 1

Monday, 22nd August 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 23rd August 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 23rd August 1949_PART 2

Wednesday,24th August 1949_PART 1

Wednesday,24th August 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 25th August 1949

Friday, 26th August 1949

Monday, 29th August 1949

Tuesday, 30th August 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 30th August 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 31st August 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 31st August 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 1st September 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 1st September 1949_PART 2

Friday, 2nd September 1949_PART 1

Friday, 2nd September 1949_PART 2

Saturday, 3rd September 1949_PART 1

Saturday, 3rd September 1949_PART 2

Monday, 5th September 1949_PART 1

Monday, 5th September 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 6th September 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 6th September 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 7th September 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 7th September 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 8th September 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 8th September 1949_PART 2

Friday, 9th September 1949_PART 1

Friday, 9th September 1949_PART 2

Friday, 9th September 1949_PART 3

Saturday, 10th September 1949_PART 1

Saturday, 10th September 1949_PART 2

Saturday, 10th September 1949_PART 3

Monday, 12th September 1949_PART 1

Monday, 12th September 1949_PART 2

Monday, 12th September 1949_PART 3

Tuesday, 13th September 1949_PART 1

Tuesday, 13th September 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 13th September 1949_PART 3

Wednesday, 14th September 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 14th September 1949_PART 2

Wednesday, 14th September 1949_PART 3

Thursday, 15th September 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 15th September 1949_PART 2

Friday, 16th September 1949_PART 1

Friday, 16th September 1949_PART 2

Saturday, 17th September 1949_PART 1

Saturday, 17th September 1949_PART 2

Saturday, 17th September 1949_PART 3

Sunday, 18th September 1949

Volume X (6th October to 17th October 1949)

Thursday, 6th October, 1949

Friday, 7th October, 1949

Monday, 10th October, 1949_PART 1

Monday, 10th October, 1949_PART 2

Tuesday, 11th October, 1949

Wednesday, 12th October, 1949_PART 1

Wednesday, 12th October, 1949_PART 2

Thursday, 13th October, 1949_PART 1

Thursday, 13th October, 1949_PART 2

Friday, 14th October, 1949_PART 1

Friday, 14th October, 1949_PART 2

Friday, 14th October, 1949_PART 3

Saturday, 15th October, 1949_PART 1

Saturday, 15th October, 1949_PART 2

Sunday, 16th October, 1949_PART 1

Sunday, 16th October, 1949_PART 2

Sunday, 16th October, 1949_PART 3

Monday, 17th October, 1949

Volume XI (14th November to 26th November 1949)

Monday, 14th November, 1949

Tuesday, 15th November, 1949

Wednesday, 16th November, 1949

Thursday, 17th November, 1949

Friday, 18th November,1949

Saturday, 19th November, 1949

Monday, 21th November, 1949

Tuesday, 22nd November, 1949

Wednesday, 23rd November, 1949

Thursday, 24th November, 1949

Friday, 25th November, 1949

Saturday, 26th November, 1949

Volume XII (24th January, 1950)

Tuesday, the 24th January 1950