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Industrial Production bounces back; 15 out of 23 groups show positive growth in Nov, 2017

By TIOL News Service

NEW DELHI, JAN 13, 2018: AS per the CSO latest data, the industrial production has bounced back with a vengeance. It has grown by 8.4% in the month of November, 2017. The cumulative growth for the period April-November 2017 over the corresponding period of the previous year stands at 3.2 percent.

The Indices of Industrial Production for the Mining, Manufacturing and Electricity sectors for the month of November 2017 stand at 107.4, 127.5 and 140.1 respectively, with the corresponding growth rates of 1.1 percent, 10.2 percent and 3.9 percent as compared to November 2016. The cumulative growth in these three sectors during April-November 2017 over the corresponding period of 2016 has been 3.0 percent, 3.1 percent and 5.2 percent respectively.

In terms of industries, 15 out of the 23 industry groups in the manufacturing sector have shown positive growth during the month of November 2017 as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year.The industry group ‘Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemical and botanical products’ has shown the highest positive growth of 39.5 percent followed by 29.1 percent in ‘Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products’ and 22.6 percent in ‘Manufacture of other transport equipment’. On the other hand, the industry group ‘Other manufacturing’ has shown the highest negative growth of (-) 15.9 percent followed by (-) 13.1 percent in ‘Manufacture of wearing apparel’ and (-) 11.2 percent in ‘Manufacture of electrical equipment’.