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Anant Path Par - A Collection of taxing tales - Whoops!

Anant Path Par 
Authored by - Rajendra Jha
Publisher: Notion Press
Number of Pages: 220
Price: Rs 250 /-

Anant Path Par - A Collection of taxing tales - Whoops!

Reviewed by Rajesh Prasad

Anant Path Par is a diligent collection of short stories. The stories pivot around a little boy who sells balloons and discovers the source of smile for his little sister; a lady breastfeeding a small child shows the delicate yet strong character of a mother; an ambulance driver takes a day off and switches off his phone only to witness the most horrific incident in his family that day; a thalassemia patient shuns life and prefers to live by painting her thoughts in a closed room; a father throws a lavish party for his kid and then discoversthe poignant realisation about the food that was wasted; a young boy meets with an accident and his parents decide something important; and a young labourer learns a tough lesson when he takes an unreasonable cut on an old labourer's hard-earned money taking advantage of the latter's circumstances; and many more …

The author's present creation "Anant Path Par" intends to bring to the notice of readers the importance and relevance of social, moral and family values through acts and messages conveyed by the protagonist and various characters.

About the author

Born and brought up in Ranchi (Jharkhand), MrRajendra Jha is a Central Government employee presently working as Superintendent in Customs & Central GST Department at Vadodara, Gujarat.

He has been passionate about writing since his school days. He has already authored six books. He believes that writing is a form of meditation that calms his soul by positive stimulation of mind. He mainly writes in Hindi and Maithili Languages.

The author has been a voracious reader. He likes to write stories and tales that carry strong messages which can change general public belief while sticking close to the reality. His writings are day-to-day experiences that we come across every now and then but somehow ignore. He vividly observes the details and is lucid in writing them.

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notionpress.


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