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Compassionate PC "Blast victims" wives to get job

25 08 2006

TIOL had been running a campaign for substantial help the families of the Customs and Central Excise and Income Tax officers who were victims of the Mumbai blast. In TIOL-DDT 410 - 20 07 2006, we wrote

Too little Mr. PC

DDT suggests-

The spouse of the dead and seriously injured should be given a job immediately in the department; preferably at a rank above the one held by the deceased or injured officer. Forget qualifications.

In TIOL-DDT 405 - 13 07 2006, we wrote

The blasted officers will the Board help?

The Boards should act immediately. Their transfers and targets can wait. The Boards should immediately appoint a Chief Commissioner as a nodal officer to look after the welfare of the bereaved families. Cut all red tapes and immediately provide a job to the spouse and give them a good financial grant. If that is not possible, give them the salary that the officer would have got till his retirement there are provisions for such things in the maze of rules. For a change, dont treat it as just another file; IT IS A LIFE.  

Today it gives us great pleasure to report that Finance Minister Chidambaram has approved out of turn compassionate appointment to the widows of two Inspectors killed in the blast. The Board deserves all praise for getting this cleared with the FM in the shortest possible time. Certainly a good message to send to your staff that we are with you.

The Secretary General of the Inspectors Federation, TirthankarPyne, in a quick reaction addressed a letter to the FM and the Board with the words, We shall remain ever grateful for this immediate and benevolent act of kindness.

Is violence the only language the government understands? Central Excise Supdts feel cheated

The industrial workers or for that matter any agitated lot have often found that government reacts only when normal life is brought to a stand still. Requests and talks have no effect, but once you take to the streets, every body notices you. Four MPs could stall the proceedings of the Lok Sabha the other day with 500 other members and the speaker watching in glorious helplessness.

The Superintendents Federation held a press conference in Delhi and wondered whether nothing could be achieved without agitation causing harassment to the public/tax payer. Their grouse is that for 10500 Superintendents of Central Excise, the promotional avenue is only 230 posts of Assistant Commissioner. Even if 100 Supdts become ACs every year, it will take about 105 years for the last man in the list to become an Assistant Commissioner. So they want better promotion prospects. And what they ask can be given by the government without spending a paisa. Over 4200 Superintendents are already in the scale of ACs and promoting them will not cost the government any thing and these officers can live happily ever after with the satisfaction of having become ACs.  They fail to understand why the government cannot concede this harmless demand. Is it wise to carry such dissatisfied work force who have nothing top look up for in their career?

But there is some good news for them. The government has already completed the DPC for Deputy Commissioner to Joint Commissioner and the DPC for Supdt to Assistant Commissioner is ready and will take place very soon.

No registration certificate required after export obligation is fulfilled DGFT

The DGFT has received representations from exporting community pointing out that some Regional Authorities are insisting for submission of SSI/Central Excise Registration Certificates of supporting manufacturers / jobbers at the time of redemption/issue of EODC in respect of DFIAs, even in cases where the export obligation has already been fulfilled.

Once the export obligation is fulfilled, isnt it simple logic that no further documents are required? But government does not run on logic. Now the DGFT has clarified that in cases where the exporter seeks redemption and transferability of DFIA on completion of stipulated E.O. (post export DFIA), documentary evidences such as SSI / Central Excise Registration of supporting manufacturer / jobber may not be insisted upon.

CIRCULAR NO. 17 (RE-06)/2004-2009 Dated : August 24, 2006

Export of buffalo meat both male and female prohibited

The government has amended the Export policy to prohibit export of Meat of buffalo (both male and female). Once the buffalo has become meat, does it matter whether it was male or female and how does one find out whether the meat is of a he buffalo or a she buffalo? Similarly export of meat of sheep and goats is also prohibited, but here there is no sex stipulation. When both male and female meat is prohibited, is there a need to mention the sex of the poor animal which has already become meat. Incidentally more than the sex of the animal, the bone of contention in these matters is the bone of the animal as boneless meat is allowed to be exported, male or female.

NOTIFICATION NO. 30 (RE-2006)/2004-2009, Dated: August 21, 2006

NALCO cannot sell to BALCO because of excise problems minister tells Parliament

Minister of State for Mines, Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy in a written reply in the Lok Sabha informed,

NALCO has examined a request from Bharat Aluminiumcompany Ltd. (BALCO) for purchase of alumina and informed that mixing of non-duty paid export goods along with goods sold in the domestic market after payment of duty may give rise to complications from Central Excise & Customs point of view and hence, the request of BALCO cannot be accepted

Excisable Ganesh?

Sunday is Vinayaka Chaturthi. Do you think those Ganesh idols are excisable? Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi!

Until Monday with more DDT

Have a nice week end.

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Sub: Kudos to taxindiaonline

Finally ur campaign for justice paid off richly to the deserving people. Great effort by ur team.


Posted by padmini sundaram
Sub: Excitable Ganesha

dear vk,
jk here. one of my friend asked me who is the best to suit any kind of roles? i thought of Bruce Willis to Shivaji Ganesan, Michael Douglas to Kamal Haasan but finally decided it is only our Lord Ganesha. Today we see various paintings and show pieces depicting Lors vinayaga in different postures like playing veena or mrudanga... I saw the latest one in Ganesha competing with Tiger woods playing golf with his holy trunk!

notwithstanding Ganesha idols are excisable, i am sure they are really EXCITABLE!

Happy vinayaka chathurdhi to one and all!


Posted by jaikumar seetharaman
Sub: compassionate appointments

dear vk, It was really gratifying to learn that earnest efforts had yielded results. FM has shown a good example.Kudos to all.
as regards the promotion of Supts of CEx, again, FM should be appraised of the realities like supts of Customs of sept,1996 and Custom Appraisers of 1994 are already ACs as against the June 1991 excise supt still waiting.-all promotions from 1996 are still adhoc only. many are retiring every month just missing the lst minute orders even if adhoc!!There were Committeees on merger of cadres , removal of stagnation , reorganisation of Service tax comm'ttes during 2002-003.Still no outcome or relief. Definitely FM has not been appraised the real issue.For adhoc promotions why this anomaly in the three feeder cadres ? Why it should be adhoc at all. Even the leaders are swallowing real aspects of the issue.In CBEC there is no time for solving such cadre problems /career prospects.The field officers are totally disgruntled which is not a good stae of affairs in a tax enforcing dept. Hope You can project the issues for a better facelift of CBEC and field set up. regards, unni.

Posted by Unnikrishnan V

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