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Has Kolkata Customs turned a 'killer'? Should National Human Rights Commission step in to bring the truth to surface!

Misleading caption its not Kolkata Customs

I object to the use of the phrase 'Kolkata Customs' in the caption of the story. 'Kolkata Customs' and West Bengal Customs Preventive are not the same organization. The phrase Kolkata Customs is commonly used and understood in respect of the Commissionerates of Customs Port and Airport which have jurisdiction over Kolkata Port Haldia Port and NSCBI Airport and The Andaman and Nicobor Islands and are manned by the Customs Preventive and Appraising departments. Land Customs Stations and Preventive Units under West Bengal Customs Preventive Commissionerate on the other hand are manned by officers posted exclusively from Kolkata Central Excise. Even though the text of the story mentions the actual commissionerate by name the screaming headline gives a bad first impression regarding the Commissionerate which is not at all concerned with the incident. You should change the headline immediately.

SantanuAcharya SantanuAcharya 26/09/2005

Re :Misleading caption its not Kolkata Customs


Whether the caption is misleading or not, it is huge rate of barbaric act on the part of customs department.Once regarded as the prestigious department funding our nations treasury, today it is losing all shine and glamour plus the respect. Have our dear customs officials in the execution of their powers and duty, forgotten that they are also humans and a slight humane touch is necessary in their executions. Cant they identitfy a smuggler to a normal citizen. Rest apart why cant they perform their duties as per prescribed rulesand procedures after all they talk about rules and regulations.Disciplinary action has to be taken against all connected officials as they have performed a criminial act. You cant give life to a dead person please dont try to take away a gods crated life


girishnarayan girishnarayan 26/09/2005