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South Korea second most powerful person, Seoul Mayor, Park Won-soon found deadMapping services provided by applicant to Municipal Corporations is pure service exempted under 12/2017-CTR: AAREntire Villa is to be treated as 'unit of accommodation' - GST chargeable @18%: AARGangster Vikas Dubey allegedly tries to flee out of police custody but fails to escape official bulletsImpugned product is presently not manufactured and no sample is submitted, so no ruling can be given by AARImport of cut flowers ONLY through Chennai port nowAnti-dumping duty on import of phenol extended till Jan, 2021Rewa solar project to cut emission equivalent to 15 lakh ton of CO2 per yearOnce Authority has ordered the DGAP to cause further investigation, DGAP has no authority to refuse on the ground that there is no complaint: NAAMovie Tickets - Reduction in GST rate but benefit not passed by increasing base prices - profiteering proved: NAAIt was only when Authority had directed DGAP to reinvestigate, the respondent was found to have profiteered by an amount of Rs.19.72 crores - office of DGAP to be careful while carrying out investigation: NAACus - Where an assessee is entitled in law to refund of tax paid, it is immaterial whether the payment is in cash or by debit of DEPB scrip: CESTATCOVID-19 - Recovered cases 1.75 times more than number of Active casesTaxability of plots (See 'THE INSIGHT' in Valuation Related person - If the price fluctuation is reasonably explained, the same can be accepted: CESTATEESL signs pact with NOIDA authority to install EV charging unitsST - Credit on input services used for repair or renovation of a factory or office is allowed: CESTATST - Commissioner has traveled beyond the scope of SCN and passed order which is also in excess of the directions given by Tribunal in remand proceedings - Order set aside: CESTATCX - It is trite law that extended limitation cannot be invoked through subsequent Show Cause Notice: CESTATCX - Where manufacturer of physician samples sells goods to principal manufacturers, such sale is to industrial consumer & not to retail consumer - valuation u/s 4A of CEA is not tenable: CESTATCus - Order of revocation of CB licence cannot be upheld as the charge has been confirmed on the basis of statement which has not been provided to appellant: CESTATInsertion of some figures by the assessee, which are incoherent with some other figures in the I-T return, qualifies as a mistake apparent on record and such error warrants rectification: ITATActivity of developing minor ports in a State is in keeping with advancement of general public utility u/s 2(15) of the Act, and the trust Board engaged in such activity is entitled to exemption u/s 11: ITATUS Apex Court allows Prosecutor access to Trump tax returnsIndia likely to pursue Totalisation Agreement with US at next week meetingIndia, EU to hold 15th meeting through virtual mode on July 15Classification of Fruit juice based drinks - Bracing up for another round of litigationHow to dragoon 'Winged Dragon'? - Not eye-rolling but long-term economic isolationism may!Analyzing tax treatment of buy-back of shares vis-a-vis dividend payout

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