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GST Council decides to reduce tax rates on 18 COVID-related items
June 12, 2021

Target of blending 20% ethanol in petrol advanced to 2025: PM
June 05, 2021

GST revenue collection in May 65% higher YoY, crosses Rs 1.02 trn
June 05, 2021

GST Council reduces rates on many services; rationalises late fee & grants relief to small businesses
May 28, 2021

GST - Two GoMs set up on casinos, online gaming & capacity-based taxation
May 25, 2021

COVID-19: IGST slashed on import of relief material for free distribution
May 03, 2021

Govt notifies a raft of GST relief measures for two months
May 02, 2021

GST revenue in April bust records; Rs 141384 Crores collected
May 01, 2021

Over 39.81 crore GST e-invoices generated within 6 months of launch
April 01, 2021

March GST revenue collections hit record Rs 1.24 lakh crore
April 01, 2021

GST - HSN Code & Service Accounting Code mandatory on invoices from April 1
March 31, 2021

GST - Centre releases Rs 44000 crore compensation to States
March 31, 2021

GST - CGST Delhi sleuths nab man for Rs 9 cr ITC fraud
March 27, 2021

GST - Rs 94 Cr ITC fraud - CGST sleuths nab man behind scam
March 26, 2021

GST - CBIC rejects rumors of Whatsapp/SMS directing cash payment of minimum tax liability
March 22, 2021

GST - Total compensation shortfall of Rs 1.1 lakh cr released by Centre
March 15, 2021

No proposal received to bring petrol, diesel, gas under GST so far: Sitharaman
March 15, 2021

GST officials arrest Delhi man for ITC fraud of over Rs 43 crore
March 11, 2021

Two arrested by Gurugram GST officers for defrauding exchequer of over Rs 690Cr
March 09, 2021

Centre releases 19th instalment of Rs 2,104Cr to meet GST compensation shortfall
March 09, 2021

MSME Udyam Registration simplified, GSTIN not mandatory
March 09, 2021

GST officials arrest two for passing fake ITC of over Rs 392Cr to Essel Group
March 05, 2021

ITC fraud - Gandhinagar CGST finds 68 fake units linked to Mumbai-based corporate
March 04, 2021

GST officials arrest man for passing fake ITC of Rs 38.91Cr
March 02, 2021

GST - Tax Evasion - Businessman arrested
March 02, 2021

GST - Tax Evasion - Businessman arrested
March 02, 2021

Centre releases 18th instalment of Rs 4,000Cr to States to meet GST shortfall
March 01, 2021

Date for filing FY20 GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C extended till March 31
March 01, 2021

GST - Organised ITC fraud - Advocate found to be key mastermind; Arrested
February 28, 2021

CBIC extends deadline for sanction of pending IGST refunds to March 31
February 22, 2021

GST - Illegal manufacturing of gutkha - 4 accused arrested
February 21, 2021

States receive 17th tranche of Rs 5,000Cr to meet GST shortfall
February 20, 2021

Rs 178 Cr ITC fraud - Delhi CGST nabs 4 in three different cases
February 15, 2021

Centre releases 16th tranche of Rs 5,000Cr for States to meet GST shortfall
February 15, 2021

GST Compensation - Centre releases 15th Instalment of Rs 6,000 crore
February 12, 2021

GST - ITC fraud - A network of 46 fake firms busted
February 09, 2021

DGGI nabs one for collecting Rs 12.7 Cr GST but not depositing
February 04, 2021

Centre releases 14th instalment of Rs. 6,000Cr to States to meet GST shortfall
February 03, 2021

GST revenue mop-up peaks to Rs 1.2 lakh crore in January month
January 31, 2021

Centre releases 13th instalment of Rs 6,000Cr to meet GST shortfall
January 25, 2021

GST Compensation - Centre releases 12th Instalment of Rs 6,000 crore
January 18, 2021

GST - ITC fraud - Delhi man arrested
January 16, 2021

GST Compensation - Centre releases more funds; Total goes up to Rs 66K Crore
January 11, 2021

GST Compensation - Centre releases 10th instalment of Rs 6000 Cr
January 04, 2021

GST - Rs 832 Cr tax evasion - Illegal gutkha factory sealed
January 04, 2021

GST - Over 6 Cr e-invoices generated in Dec as compared to 5.89 Cr in Nov
January 02, 2021

GST Revenue collection simply jumps to all time high in December month - Rs 1.15 lakh crore
January 01, 2021

GST - ITC Fraud - DGGI arrests 3 persons in Gurgaon
January 01, 2021


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