COP28: Time to look for Noah's Ark to save earth as there is no Planet B! Today means... Art of digging wealth out of chaos! Dubai eyeing El Dorado status? Costly Commissioners Israel-Hamas war fails to derail New Middle East bitten by 'prosperity bug'! TRU Falls GST - Abuse of ITC by creme de la creme! Bad omen for Second-Gen Reforms! 'May' may mean 'shall' Tax Congress: Sinking health of State Finances - Time to explore avenues for non-tax revenue! Supreme Court - Final or right or both Tax Congress: Carbon tax - Idea is to rock the boat & see what happens! Tax Congress: Online Gaming - 'Retro tax' - Is it really an onion of fiscal deceit? The ED Story Tax Congress: 'Ghost' of Principal Purpose Test to haunt taxpayers more menacingly! Arrest and After Lawyers' Journey to the GST Appellate Tribunal Bench Globalisation not yet dead, courtesy ally-shoring, near-shoring & re-shoring! Tax Congress 2023: All eyes barrelled on legislative simplification of GST! Dress and Address in Courts India-Canada brawl: A peep into eerie thesaurus of diplomatic taunts! Judicial Wisdom vs Administrative Arrogance Xi Jinping looks firm to stick to BRI - 'Below the Belt' Scheme! A Dramatic DGGI case that... G20 Summit: New Delhi deserves a chortle! Mwahahaha! Respect for law - a one-way street? Future of Chinese economy: 'Japanification' is on the cards! Cancellation conundrum BRIC, BRICS, Brickbats & Bouquets! Damned if you do, damned if you don't Criminal Justice: New Bills - A case of Messenger forgetting the Message! Judicial Indiscipline Tech 'Mutinies': 'Secret Sauce' for winning the race is diffusion of innovations! DRI interrogation rooms - in Camera
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